Project Details

Electone Concert 2019
The University of Tokyo Electone Club


Bldg. 11 2F Room 1108
22nd, Friday 13:00–16:00
(Open at 12:30)
23rd, Saturday 11:00–16:30
(Open at 10:45)
24th, Sunday 11:00–16:30
(Open at 10:45)
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About the Project

Hello! We are the University of Tokyo Electone Club.
We are playing various kinds of 70 songs in 10 parts in 3 days of Komaba Festival, using the electone, an electronic organ which has three keyboards.

About the Group

The University of Tokyo Electone Club is one of the country's best electone circles boasting about 80 members, ranging from undergraduate 1st graders to master's degrees. The members of the Club are mainly students of the University of Tokyo but students from other universities are also enrolled.

The University of Tokyo Electone Club accepts new members at any time! Anyone can join us if you are undergraduate or master's degree. If you are interested in, please access our website and send an email to our official email adress.

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