HomeKomaba Pond
BirthdayNovember 25th
Favorite phrasekerokero
Strong pointHide-and-seek
Weak pointJumping
Favorite foodGinkgo nut

Komakkero’s secret

Komakkero lives in Komaba Pond.
One day, Komakkero was on a walk, when he found a hat! Komakkero put it on and…
Voila! Komakkero could speak Japanese!

The ginkgo(=“icho”) leaf on Komakkero’s tummy is the symbol of the Komaba campus.
Komaba Festival is held right when the ginkgo trees are at most beautiful!
Let’s walk the Icho street and look at all the stalls!

The reason why Komakkero has a tail is that Komakkero represents college students — not quite adults but also not quite children.

Social Media

Komakkero is on social media! Let’s look inside the life of Komakkero.