Media Inquiries

For coverage on the 70th Komaba Festival and on campus, you must get Komaba Festival Committee’s permission (you need not ask the administration office for permission).

Shooting videos you intend to upload on video-sharing websites, such as YouTube, is also considered as coverage.

For coverages on Komaba Festival, you must fill the coverage application form (link) and email it to us(駒場祭委員会メールアドレス)by November the 19th (Tue). Please attach the coverage proposal if you have one.

* Email title and file name of the coverage application form should be “[coverage application] your group’s name”


  • Vehicles for coverage are prohibited from entering the campus as well as parking.
  • We cannot prepare waiting rooms.
  • We may decline coverages which have no relation with Komaba Festival or may hinder safe management.
  • Please do not shoot inside and outside of the buildings.
  • We will confirm the content of your articles and videos before the release. Live broadcasting or streaming are prohibited.
  • If you wish to interview a certain project, please email the coverage application form as soon as possible.
  • When you are shooting, be careful not to show those who have not given permission.
  • If you wish to cover Komaba Festival outside the Komaba Festival period, please tell us in advance in this case as well.
  • The personal information we obtain from these applications will not be used for other purposes than safely carrying out Komaba Festival.

About coverage for a certain project

If you request coverage for a certain project, we will inform you of coverage availability. We will also inform the contact address of the project managers only if they agree.

The 70th Komaba Festival Committee

AddressRoom 103, Campus Plaza Bldg. A, 3-8-1, Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-8902