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The 13th Organ Concert at Komaba Festival

The University of Tokyo Organ Club

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Electone Concert 2020
The University of Tokyo Electone Club
Hello! We are the University of Tokyo Electone Club. We will show you our Electone performance during the Komaba Festival. The electone is a "magic instrument" that makes it possible to play any music with realistic sound by making full use of its three keyboards. In our videos, you can enjoy various kinds of music such as JPOP, classical, jazz and movie music. This is the 24th concert of the Komaba Festival, and we have many visitors every year. This year, you can easily enjoy the concert from anywhere in the world. If you've never listened to Electone performances before, please watch our videos!
Music / Musical Instrument Performance
Feuerwerk Philharmoniker Concert Playback
The University of Tokyo Feuerwerk Philharmoniker
No description
Music / Orchestra
Komaba Festival Calligraphy Exhibition
The University of Tokyo Calligraphy Club
This is the online-exhibition of The University of Tokyo Calligraphy Club. Unfortunately, we suspended our face-to-face club activities in April for the novel coronavirus pandemic. Instead of practicing Japanese Calligraphy at Komaba campus, now we have online exercises on Fridays. Via Zoom, we usually have a two-hour-long session. Individuals show their works and advise each other to encourage club members in handwriting skills. Although in the second semester, the University permit us to restart face-to-face club activities, still now we use online ways in combination with face-to-face activities. At the online Komaba Festival Calligraphy Exhibition, there are over 10 personal works and collaboration with club members. We hope this exhibition will be one of the social records of university students in the pandemic. You can see previous calligraphy live performances at the same site.
Special Concert for the 71st Komaba Festival
The University of Tokyo Orchestra Komaba Orchestra
This is a concert by Komaba Orchestra; members are from 1st and 2nd grader of the University of Tokyo Orchestra. This year, Sibelius: Symphony No. 2 Sibelius: Finlandia Weber: Der Freischütz Overture will be performed on YouTube Live.
Music / Orchestra