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UTokyo Meets Design - A Study of Visual Communication

The University of Tokyo Introduction of Graphic Design

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designing plus nine
Under the pandemic, it has become much more difficult to meet someone or go somewhere. It seems as if the distance between people has expanded. Yet people are always connected with each other via the Internet. However, the connection via the Internet can be easily “disconnected” by a simple push of a button. With this in mind, we’ve come up with the theme “connect and disconnect”. To respond to the theme, we, as a design club, will hold an exhibition including games and movies.
The Online Smoked Sausage Shop!?
Izu Seminar
No description
Academic / Natural Science
Academic Project
What Connects Science to YOU?
We spend a lot of time hearing various kinds of information, but the way we receive it is different from person to person, from children to adults, and from scientists to artists. Especially in times of disaster or emergency, information is often complicated, which creates "an invisible world". In this year's project, we set the theme of "what connects science to us" and you will experience and consider it through highly interactive exhibits and games among various generations. Also, we plan to think together about how science and information should be grasped. In particular, we aim to collaborate with everyone who came to our booth by utilizing various online tools. We will deal with familiar themes such as "ad" and "origami (folding paper)" that both children and adults can enjoy!
Academic / General
Electone Concert 2020
The University of Tokyo Electone Club
Hello! We are the University of Tokyo Electone Club. We will show you our Electone performance during the Komaba Festival. The electone is a "magic instrument" that makes it possible to play any music with realistic sound by making full use of its three keyboards. In our videos, you can enjoy various kinds of music such as JPOP, classical, jazz and movie music. This is the 24th concert of the Komaba Festival, and we have many visitors every year. This year, you can easily enjoy the concert from anywhere in the world. If you've never listened to Electone performances before, please watch our videos!
Music / Musical Instrument Performance