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Learn Way of Life from the Bible ~Message Useful Even in the Corona Wreck from Professors of University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo Christian Students' Fellowship

Now, various problems such as climate change and COVID-19 make the future in the world unpredictable, we think young people will decide their course and master academics while thinking about the job they'll get involved in. We invited lecturers who have gained careers in a field of practical science such as agriculture, environmentology, and development studies, at an international organization for a long time while learning principle and an outlook on the world that the Bible says. They are going to deliver a speech of encouragement!

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We're fellowship of christian students in University of Tokyo. We're called Todai KGK (Kirisutosya Gakusei Kai = Christian Student Fellowship) and KGK is a member of IFES, International Fellowship of Evangelical Students.For more information, feel free to contact ""

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