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Under the pandemic, it has become much more difficult to meet someone or go somewhere. It seems as if the distance between people has expanded. Yet people are always connected with each other via the Internet. However, the connection via the Internet can be easily “disconnected” by a simple push of a button. With this in mind, we’ve come up with the theme “connect and disconnect”. To respond to the theme, we, as a design club, will hold an exhibition including games and movies.

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This is a participatory website where you can enjoy games and videos.

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Designing plus nine is a design club founded in 2007 by students from the University of Tokyo and Tokyo University of the Arts. We have three main goals: to work as a team to create works and projects for the school festival and other daily activities, to solve problems through design with companies and clubs, and to spread the value of design in the world. Based on these three principles, we carry out a variety of activities through design with the theme of "design for everyone".

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