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The University of Tokyo Othello Club GORO

In this project, we will show some trivia about Othello and the problems of the next move, just as we do at the Komaba Festival every year. We hope you will feel the depth of Othello and enjoy it. At first, we were going to let you enjoy playing Othello with our members, but we had to cancel it because of this situation. We hope you will join us the next time.

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GORO's Room

We will show some trivia about Othello and the problems of the next move.

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We are an intercollegiate circle that plays, reviews and teaches Othello once or twice a week. We have a wide range of members from beginners to players who have won many prizes at national tournaments, and we enjoy growing up in a high-level environment. If you are interested in playing Othello, please feel free to contact us, regardless of whether you are a student of University of Tokyo or other universities.

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The University of Tokyo Othello Club GORO

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