Projects Recommended for Children

In this featured article, we will show you the projects which children can also enjoy. The high-level exhibitions and streaming unique to the Komaba Festival will be enjoyed not only by children, but also by everyone regardless of age.

Science Show at Komaba Campus

The University of Tokyo Communicators of Science and Technology

Science Show at Komaba Campusの画像

“Science Show at Komaba Campus” is very popular every year for its breathtaking experiments which charm and intrigue children. You can learn about science and appreciate its interestingness.Besides, there are various creative contents other than shows such as mini-games and exhibitions, so you can enjoy anytime you visit. In addition, there are contents for adults where you can acquire deeper knowledge.

UTokyo LEGO Club Exhibition

The University of Tokyo LEGO Club

UTokyo LEGO Club Exhibitionの画像

This is a popular project which exhibits high-level works made out of a famous toy, LEGO.One of the biggest features of this project is a large scale work which is created by many members of the club. This year, an European cityscape with trams will be reproduced. Not only children, but also adults will surely be astonished and impressed by the possibility and the deepness of the world of LEGO.

Programming Lessons for Beginners


Programming Lessons for Beginnersの画像

The importance of programming education has been emphasized recently. However, you might think that it is somehow difficult to learn. ut.code(); has developed its unique contents and put a lot of thought into them so that even children can enjoy them. How about taking this opportunity to make the first step to programming with your child?

Official Mascot Character “Komakkero”

The 72nd Komaba Festival Committee

Official Mascot Character “Komakkero”の画像

The Komaba Festival Committee is preparing a variety of events related to "Komakkero", the official mascot character of the Komaba Festival. Beginning with the Komakkero Show, which is very popular every year, there are a lot of contents that parents and children can enjoy.