Find Out the Appeal of the Online Komaba Festival!

You may wonder if the online Komaba Festival is really interesting. On this page, we will introduce fascinating projects that take advantage of the online format.

Programming Lessons for Beginners


Programming Lessons for Beginnersの画像

These days, programming has been attracting more and more attention. On the other hand, some people may think that programming is somehow difficult.In this project, you can learn the deepness of programming in an easy-to-understand way by solving problems.ut.code(); has developed its unique contents and put a lot of thought into them so that even children can enjoy them. Why don't you take the first step toward programming from your PC with this project, suitable for the online format?

Moot Court 2021

The University of Tokyo Seminar of Law, Society and Human Rights

Moot Court 2021の画像

This is the interactive moot court by students who belong to “Seminar of Law, Society and Human Rights”.The courtroom drama with a script written from scratch by students and a performance full of presence will be broadcasted and the final verdict is left up to your judgment. This year's theme is “naishin”, or the institution of school report. Let's enjoy a sense of realism of the moot court online.Please note that the interactive moot court will be broadcasted only on Day 1. The archived video will be available on Day 2 and Day 3.

"Yuragi" - In-Between

designing plus nine

"Yuragi" - In-Betweenの画像

This is an exhibition by “designing plus nine”, a club that works on creative activities and introduces the appeals and values of design.“We keep in mind that design should be understandable to everyone and put a lot of thought into this project so that everyone can enjoy it. Our website itself, where we exhibit our works, is a kind of design, so you can easily look into the world of design. Let's experience the fascination of design online!”

3D Map of Japan

The University of Tokyo Geography Club

3D Map of Japanの画像

The “3D” map of Japan, which the Geography Club members spent 8 years to complete, will be displayed. You can feel like you are traveling while you are in your home and also take your time to look at the details of the “3D” map of Japan, which is difficult to see in the usual exhibition format.By jumping out of the two-dimensional world and into the three-dimensional world, and looking at the map of Japan, you might discover something new.

Let's Ride Our Horses!

Athletic Foundation of the University of Tokyo Equestrian Team

Let's Ride Our Horses!の画像

The Equestrian Team has been popular every year for its project where visitors can interact with horses, such as riding and feeding them.This year, we will take advantage of the online format and conduct many kinds of creative projects, such as the livestream of the equestrian competition and sales of original goods including handmade horseshoes.The online format is a great way to deepen their knowledge for those who do not usually have opportunities to interact with horses. You will definitely feel closer to horses.

We hope you will enjoy the many attractive projects that take advantage of the online format, all over Japan.