Let’s Get to Know the UT Students!

This featured article introduces projects that will help you know various aspects of the life of the UT students such as research, club activities and classes. If you are interested in the daily life of the UT students, or if you are a secondary school student aiming for UT, we recommend these projects to you.

Introduction of Cutting-edge Research in 10 Minutes

Assorted Postgraduate Students

Introduction of Cutting-edge Research in 10 Minutesの画像

Graduate students from UT talk about "a little interesting topic" related to their own research fields for 10 minutes. They come from various academic backgrounds. You will surely be attracted to their topics that are highly specialized but easy to understand.This is a perfect project to take a peek at UT as the center of the research.

Get a Real Picture of the Recommended Students

Volunteers of School-Recommended Enrollees

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UT introduced a new type of entrance exam called "School Recommendation Selection" in 2016, in order to realize a diverse student body. Since there are only a few students who were admitted to UT based on this selection, they are seen as outstanding even in UT.This project provides an opportunity to learn about their real lives through interviews and discussions. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions directly to the recommended students.

Understand Current Africa

MPJ Youth

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There are lots of clubs that deal with international social issues in UT. MPJ Youth engages in various kinds of activities with the aim of contributing to the resolution of the problems in Africa. This project will introduce the actual circumstances of Africa from various perspectives such as politics, economy, history and culture based on our daily activities.

Welcome to Italy

2021 Enrolled Natural Sciences II,III-6

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This is a project by Natural Sciences II,III-6, the class learning Italian as a second language. In addition to the section in which students introduce Italian dishes that can be prepared at home, this project provides an opportunity to experience Italian culture and interact with students. In the section in which students answer questions from the question box, you may be able to hear some interesting stories about student life.

Museum of UT Students

The 72nd Komaba Festival Committee

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The Komaba Festival Committee has also prepared various kinds of projects that provide an opportunity to get to know the UT students. Beginning with the Interviews with UT Students, there are a lot of contents that people of all ages can enjoy.