Hashtag Project


It is the first time in Komaba Festival history to release projects online. This new kind of festival will be supported by "Hashtag Project".

We will be asking visitors to share posts on social media about projects they are interested in with specific hashtags. We are hoping that this will enable you to find and communicate with other visitors!

As we cannot welcome you on the Komaba Campus this year, social media will work as the "new campus" for all of you to get together as visitors. We need your help in making this "new campus" as enthusiastic and exciting as the physical one in any other year!


The hashtag we ask you to use is #駒場祭のかざりかた.

The posts can be about anything, and we are looking forward to seeing them! They can vary from

  • comments of support and expectations on projects you are excited about, to candid opinions after participating, recommendations of your favorites, etc..
  • candid opinions after participating, recommendations of your favorites, etc..
  • recommendations of your favorites, etc..

Each one of your posts will “decorate” the Komaba Festival. We look forward to seeing your posts!

The original hashtags for the official project

Other than the hashtag #駒場祭のかざりかた for the Hashtag Project, each committee’s project has its own original hashtag for different purposes (listed below).

When making a post about these projects, don’t forget to use both the original hashtag and #駒場祭のかざりかた!

Official theme song project
You voted for No.○! The official theme song should be THIS!
Official theme song project

You can use the buttons below to post with #駒場祭のかざりかた.