Official Mascot Character “Komakkero”

About the Komaba Festival


HomeKomaba Pond
BirthdayNovember 25th
I am good at…Playing hide-and-seek
I am not good at…Jumping
HobbyTaking a walk
Favorite foodGinkgo nuts
I often say…“kerokero” (How a frog cries in Japanese)

About Komakkero

Komakkero lives in the Komaba Pond.

One day, Komakkero found a hat while taking a walk. Komakkero tried putting it on and…Voila!

Komakkero became able to speak Japanese!

The ginkgo leaf on Komakkero’s tummy is the symbol of the Komaba Campus.

It is in the perfect season to see the beautiful ginkgo leaves that the Komaba Festival is held.

Komakkero is a frog but has a tail.

This represents college students, who have characteristics of both a child and an adult.

Go and See Komakkero

Opening Ceremony

The beginning of the Komaba Festival, we will take you to an extraordinarily exciting world.We will have dance performances, the countdown to the opening hours and game shows presented by Komakkero. Can you solve all the challenges from Komakkero?

Let’s Challenge at Home! Komakkero Show!

Komakkero Show is a popular annual show. But this year, some dark force seems to be planning to take over the show......!?Let’s try playing quizzes and mini-games and save the show! Enjoy the exciting Kommakero Show, somewhat different from before.

Kerokero Grand Prix

We welcome your works related to Komakkero in 3 categories, the coloring category, the Senryu category and the Oogiri category. We will give Komakkero goods as prizes to those whose works are outstanding. We are waiting for your works filled with love for Komakkero.

Komakkero Recipe

We introduce recreations you can enjoy with your family members, such as recipes for Komakkero shaped cookies and rice balls, and also the Komakkero Drawing Song. Why not spend time at home with Komakkero?

Closing Ceremony

Enjoy the best closing of the Komaba Festival, surrounded by light and music. With Komakkero, let's enjoy outstanding performances such as dance performances, magic and juggling shows, and the awarding of the Komaba Grand Prix! You might find something surprising about Komakkero!

Social Media

You can also see Komakkero on SNS.

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