How to Enjoy the Online Komaba Festival

What Is the Online Komaba Festival?

At the 72nd Komaba Festival, projects will be made public in various forms through online services such as YouTube and Zoom.

For example, the following types of projects will be made public.

  1. Live streaming projects using YouTube Live
  2. Visitor participation projects using Zoom
  3. Online sales using BASE
  4. Exhibitions using each project's website, etc.

This website will play the role of inviting you to these projects. During the 72nd Komaba Festival, please find the project you want to visit on the official website (this website), and join each project from the URL displayed on the projects' detail page.

Search for Projects

There are nearly 200 projects at the Komaba Festival. First, find the project you want to visit.

To find a project, please access the List of Projects and Project Search Function.

On the List of Projects, you can check the projects at the Komaba Festival, and you can also narrow down the list by Category and Type of Projects.

You can also check the pages that include Official Projects, Stage Projects, and Live Now.

Besides, there are Features, where projects are picked out by various topics based on their contents and Timetable of Today’s Recommendation, which contains the projects to visit on the day.

Participate in Projects

From the List of Projects, you can check the projects’ detail page for each project.

The projects' details page includes an overview of the project, schedule, and online services that will be used.

When projects are made public, their links will be colored and accessible.

Please access and enjoy the projects.

My Page

On the projects' detail page, you can register your favorite projects.

By clicking on the "Add to Favorites" button at the top of the page, you will be able to easily check the details of the project.

You can check the list of your favorite projects on My Page.

With the My Schedule function on the My Page, you can make your own schedule, combining your favorite projects. Please make use of it.

If you have any inquiries, please visit these pages.