What Is the Komaba Festival??



The Komaba Festival, held every year in late November at the University of Tokyo, Komaba I Campus is one of the largest school festivals in Japan.

Here you can enjoy not only sophisticated academic projects unique to this university, but also a variety of other projects like impressive performances and innovative projects. This festival’s characteristic is its unique atmosphere marked by academic skills and dynamism.
Last year, this festival was held online, but still drew a lot of attention.

The 72nd Komaba Festival will be held on the following dates with the projects released online.

  • November 21 (Sun.):9 AM - 6 PM
  • November 22 (Mon.):9 AM - 6 PM
  • November 23 (Tue.):9 AM - 5 PM

Enjoy this festival full of students’ enthusiasm and professionalism, enduring though it will be held online.

Address by the Chairperson

What does the Komaba Festival mean to you?

It might be a place to see the academic projects created by the students of the University of Tokyo, or it might be a place to enjoy the liveliness of the students.

We have decided to hold the 72nd Komaba Festival online, considering the spread of COVID-19.

We still cannot see the Komaba Campus full of excitement and energetic people.

However, the festival still has the power to attract us.

We are convinced that last year’s online Komaba Festival ended up being a great success, supported by creative projects and every participant’s cheerful face.

This year’s theme, “Dynamism” represents the hope that the festival steps forward by a huge power generated by every one of us involved.

Even in this hard situation, students of the University of Tokyo have kept making efforts to prepare for the festival.

We believe that we can show you the upgraded festival.

Please enjoy the once-in-a-life Komaba Festival, which is increasingly developed by the energy of the students of the University of Tokyo, and by the power of every participant.

The Chairperson of the 72nd Komaba Festival Committee


The Previous Komaba Festival